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Team Revolutions

Our Mission Statement 

"Keep it simple. Have fun. Ride your bike."

Team Revolutions was designed, and has been run with a few simple ideas in mind. We want to bring riders together of all levels and experience in a “no pressure,” fun atmosphere. We have enough stress in life... this is about riding your bike, having fun, and meeting great people. We wanted a “Team” members would be proud to call their own. We wanted a cool looking uniform that showed off our great sponsors, and we want to promote our local small businesses through these sponsorships. Quite simply, we wanted a “win-win” for everyone! We think we’ve been successful in meeting these goals.  Make sure to research all the clubs in our area. We're lucky to have several wonderful cycling clubs to choose from and each has their own personality giving riders what they're looking for in a cycling club. Team Revolutions is very mellow and for all levels of riders from novice to racers. It's our goal members find 1-5 new riding partners each season. Over the last 7 years, we've slowly moved away from large group training rides for several reasons and have really focused on these "small groups" with good success. Keep is simple. Have fun. Ride your bike.  

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Registration for our 2016 season runs from Dec 1 - Dec 31st 2015.